Williams County
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Williams County is comprised of 5 Commissioners who represent specified districts. The County Commissioners are elected by district and must reside in the district that they represent.

The County Commissioners have staggering terms of office and are for 4 years. Their terms run from December 1st thru November 30th. The duties of the County Commissioners are outlined in the North Dakota Century Code 11-11. They meet twice a month being the first and second Tuesday of each month.

District #1 and #2 are made up of one City of Williston precinct as well as rural precincts.

Districts #3 and #4 lie entirely in the City of Williston.

District #5 is made up entirely of rural precincts lying over the eastern 2/3 of Williams County.

Williams County Commissioners
Top Row: Barry Ramberg, Wayne Aberle, Martin Hanson
Bottom Row: David Montgomery, Dan Kalil
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